Why choose Wylie & Washburn as your closing attorney?

  1. South Carolina is an “attorney state.”  Real estate transactions are considered a practice of law and attorney representation is required for both the buyer and seller.  When you retain Wylie and Washburn as your closing attorneys, we take the attorney oversight requirement as outlined by the South Carolina Supreme Court very seriously.  What this means to you is that from the very beginning your closing will be conducted by a professional attorney who will remain with you throughout the entire process.
  2. Your contract is the road map for your home buying experience.  One of our designated attorneys will review a copy of your sales contract free of charge even if you do not retain us as your closing attorney.
  3. W&W charges a fixed Attorney’s Fee and Title Examination fee* to clients purchasing property in any county in South Carolina.  As a result of the relationships we have with local abstractors along with the volume of business that we conduct, we are a preferred customer and the discounts we receive are passed on to our clients.
  4. We will not charge you any Attorney’s Fees** if your real estate transaction fails to close due to your inability to obtain financing or due to the other parties contractual breach.

*Recording costs and fees charged by the county exclusive of these charges

**Abstractor charges still may apply