Do I Need Title Insurance As A Home Buyer

title insurance

Buying a home is one of the largest steps that you will do as an adult. The process can be overwhelming at times and you will hear terms and have discussions about things that will be completely new to you. One such discussion that will most likely occur will be about title insurance and whether purchasing such insurance would be something that you should do.

Title insurance is something that most individuals have never heard of until they enter the final stages of the homebuying process. To put it simply, title insurance is insurance that can give you peace of mind during the purchasing of your new home.

When you are in the process of purchasing a home, normally a deep search is conducted to ensure that the title of the home is free and clear. Free from any liens, tax debt, and unpaid debt by the previous homeowners.

While such searches are thorough, the fact remains that sometimes important information is missed and this missing information could cause major issues during the final purchasing process or even months and years later.

There are two types of title insurance that you may hear about. The first is a lender’s title policy. This policy is almost always a requirement that your mortgage company will have in place. Such a policy protects the lender from any mishaps that are associated with the purchasing deal.

The second type of title insurance is the owner’s title policy. This policy protects you the home buyer. While the first policy may be a mandatory policy, to ensure that your best interests are protected, you will want to purchase both types of policies.

While the chances are minuscule that you will have to utilize title insurance after it is purchased, it is still a plan of protection that could potentially protect you from expensive court litigation should unforeseen problems with the property that you are purchasing arise.

This insurance provides protection for events that most people never anticipate to occur, but the fact is that they do occur and when they do, they are expensive events that may cause you to dream of homeownership to vanish forever if you have to dig into your own pocket for the money to deal with such hassles.

Take the steps necessary to protect yourself every step of the way on the home buying process and purchase both a lender’s title policy, as well as an owner’s title policy. The costs of such policies are not overly expensive, but the peace of mind that it gives you as a potential home buyer is priceless.

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