How to Select a Closing Attorney

It’s always an exciting adventure in purchasing your new home. While it can be a tedious and, at times, challenging process, buying a home can overall be a very rewarding experience. Before starting the process, however, it’s a good idea to look into hiring a real estate attorney, a licensed professional who will help cover all legal documents and make sure your rights are protected. Below are some tips to consider when searching for the right lawyer for you:
1.      The early you search, the better. While browsing homes, also be on the lookout for a good quality real estate lawyer. Make a list of your wants and needs in a lawyer and start the search in your area. The sooner you find one, the quicker you can get the homebuying process started.
2.      Ask around. If you know of anyone who recently purchased a home, see if they have any suggestions as to who would be a great fit. Your real estate agent should also be able to give you a list of candidates. Don’t be afraid to ask about each lawyer’s fees and the person’s experiences with them.
3.      Aim to hire those with experience. Go for the lawyer who specializes in this field rather than one who occasionally or “once in a blue moon” handles a real estate purchase. Your state bar association will have a list of candidates, along with their credentials, and will be more than happy to provide this list to you. There are also lawyer referral websites available for usage.
4.      Conduct online research. Browse different lawyers’ websites, where you can see their educational background and case experience. Don’t be afraid to look them up on sites such as Google, Yelp and Facebook, where people can leave ratings and comments on their experiences. You can also search for online articles written about them as well as look into their methods of advertising. Of course, you’ll want someone who is professional and top notch in their field.
5.      Schedule an interview. There is nothing quite like meeting a potential hire face-to-face, as you’ll be able to tell if this is a relationship that can work. Comprise a list of questions to ask each candidate and ask for client references to back up what they say. You can also ask about fees and how often you will be charged for their services, as well as how often they communicate during the week with clients. You’ll want to make sure there is no conflict of interest, either, meaning that the lawyer doesn’t work with the seller or anyone affiliated with the home you’re looking into purchasing.
6.      Obtain a written copy of your agreement. Once you’ve read the retainer in full and completely understand what services and fees are being offered, get a copy for your personal records.