Common Mistakes Made While Selling a Home, Pt. 1

Mistakes Made While Selling a Home

Selling a home can be a great step to make in your life, bringing with it a new chapter full of promising new beginnings. It is possible, however, to make some mistakes along the way while selling. That’s where we come in! Here are five of the most common mistakes made while selling a home.

  1. Refusing to let go. Depending on how long you have lived in this home as well as the memories that have been made there, you may find it difficult to detach yourself and your emotions. Don’t let this get in the way when selling your home. Think of its strengths and weaknesses, and try to view your home from the perspective of a buyer. Remember, although the house will be gone…your memories made there will last forever.
  2. Skipping out on repairs. Most homes that are put on the market need some repairs. Depending on the severity of the issues present, some buyers may not want to purchase a home until those repairs have been made. If it’s something simple, such as needing a new HVAC unit or replacing a few shingles on the roof, do this before listing your home. Fixing small issues before listing makes the home look even better to potential buyers.
  3. Failing to prepare for photos. It’s common practice these days for buyers to go online and look at photos of a home that is on the market before contacting an agent. Before listing your home, talk to your realtor about taking photos. Clean the home before taking photos, clear away any clutter, and remove your personal items so potential buyers can see the basics.
  4. Failing to stage your home. Once your home has been cleaned for photos, walk through it and ask yourself if the current furniture placement shows your home in its best form. If rooms fell crowded, go through items and donate or sell them. Contact your realtor and get their opinion on what would look best for each room when a potential buyer visits.
  5. Failing to maintain the outer appearance. It’s not only what’s on the inside that counts, but also what’s on the outside. If your home looks dirty or run down from the outside, this could be enough to cause a potential buyer to keep on driving past it. Does your home need a fresh paint job? Is the porch swept? How are the walkways? Does your lawn need mowing? All of these issues should be addressed before listing.