Advice You Should Ignore

Selling your house

Everyone has an opinion and when you are buying or selling a home, you’ll most likely hear a few. Here are some common phrases you should ignore.

  1. “Only sell in the spring.” Many people like to assume that spring is the best time to sell a home. However, winter (especially in January) is a good selling season if you live in states that aren’t subjected to harsh winter weather (like Florida). Every area is different, so don’t hold off because someone told you to wait. The busier the season, the busier buyers will be. Keeping this in mind, there will also be more sellers and more competition. Even in the seasons that aren’t as busy, someone will still be looking for a home.
  2. “Go to an open house, you’ll find the buyer there.” While it is possible to meet a buyer at your open house, many attend these events simply to look. The buyers that are more serious about the purchase will ask for a private showing.
  3. “Save your money by paying less in commission.” There is a lot of work realtors do when helping someone buy and sell a home. Their job duties extend past simply listing a home. Paying the realtor their commission helps them obtain posters, flyers, yard signs, as well as plan and host an open house event at your home.
  4. “List your price and don’t budge on it. Wait until someone offers to pay it.” Setting the price super high then waiting for someone to agree to pay it may not be the best choice. Homebuyers steer away from overpaying for a home. This hurts you, as the longer your home sits on the market, the more buyers will question why it hasn’t been bought yet. Set a fair price and be willing to negotiate.
  5. “This is what the market will look like next year.” The market is unpredictable and changes all of the time. Anything can happen!