Creative Ways to Add Color to Your Rental House

colorful indoor space

Renting a house has very many benefits, one of them getting an opportunity to stay in luxury apartments. However, you will always be frustrated by the fact that you have minimal options for customizing your room. Some landlords have clear instructions on a wall painting, and any attempt to paint walls could lead to eviction. If you love colors and you’re wondering how to have them in your rental property, here are some creative strategies you can use.

1. Use Decorative Folding Screen
Decorative folding screens have been very useful in helping millions of people living in rental properties to customize their homes. You can mount this piece on the wall or have several pieces hanging around the house to create a lasting impact. You can also get a plain folding screen and add your personality by painting your favorite color. You can as well use it as a place to decorate your artwork or hang some of the fabrics that you love.

2. Paint Your Furniture
It looks funny, but painting your furniture is an innovative strategy of having colors that you love inside your rental house. You can have all the furniture in the room with different colors, especially if you are a color enthusiast. The benefit of painting your furniture is that you can always change without consulting anyone, especially when you get bored by one color. However, you should take caution and avoid damaging your furniture through over-painting.

3. Hanging Drapes on the Walls
Most of the people have a perception that drapes can only do the job on windows. However, this is not the case. Curtains have for many years been used to add color in the room. All you need to do is to get the right measurements of your room, and you will have the colors that you want. Besides adding color, drapes are very effective in adding texture, which is usually missing in most of the rental properties.

4. Use Area Rugs
Some people have been using area rugs to add color in their rooms, and you can also try them. Rugs are beneficial as they do not only help you to add color to your floor, but they can be used to cover unsightly flooring. To achieve maximum impact, you need to have them put on bare floors where you can go to the extra mile of making sure that they are wall-to-wall carpeted. However, you need to make sure that your rugs are not slipping using rug pads.

5. Use of Color Accessories
There is no doubt that you will need accessories in your house. Accessories allow you to include the color that you need in your room. Some of the accessories you can use to add personality, design, and color, including but not limited to flowers, vases, plates, artwork, and pillows. They will go a long way in giving your room the cohesiveness it needs.
Just because your landlord has restricted you from painting does not mean that you should leave in unpleasant rooms. There are very many creative ways that you can incorporate to have a colorful and attractive place.