Four Ways You Can Find Your Dream Vacation Rental, Pt. 1


Whether you’re looking for a beach house or a cabin in the mountains, there are so many different types of vacation rentals to choose from. Now that we are in the age of people preferring rentals over hotels, it’s possible to also save money while looking for your great escape. Here are some tips to keep in mind while searching for your vacation home.

  1. Have an idea as to what you want. Ask yourself some questions when thinking about a vacation rental. Questions such as – “Do I want to lounge around or stay busy?” “Am I bringing children along? If so, how many?” “Do I want an ocean or mountain view?” Knowing what you’re looking for will help narrow down the many choices available to you. If you’re going with a group, consult with them so everyone gets something they’re wanting out of the rental.
  2. Stay ahead of the rest. In order to grab your dream rental home before the rest, you’ll want to book it as early as possible. It is suggested to book one year in advance, if possible unless you’re headed to areas like Florida or Arizona, where the destination is considered popular. Those areas usually have plenty of rentals to choose from, so it’s possible you could book last minute and still see a price reduction.
  3. Keep your dates flexible. If you’re traveling to Europe during summer, prices are going to be rather high and competition for rentals will be fierce. If you move your vacation to spring or fall, however, you’re more likely to find better prices and availability. Same could also be said on locations here in the US. Thankfully, many booking sites have fare charts that allow users to track rates over time. If you reserve in the last week of an offseason, you may just save hundreds on the rental.
  4. Know rental terms. Know the difference between beachfront and oceanfront, direct ski access and ski-in/ski-out, and what all is included in a garden view. Ask for photos of the property if there aren’t any included online and ask questions about any terms you aren’t sure about.