What You Can’t Take With You Once You Sell Your Home

basketball goal

It’s possible for the drama to occur if you take something from your home once you sell it without talking to the buyer first. It could affect the sale; it could also result in a lawsuit against you. Here are some guidelines as to what can’t go with you once you sell your home.

  1. Anything nailed, bolted, or mounted. Things such as built-in furniture, fences, and storage sheds should stay behind. As for AC units, if it is placed in a window, you can take it with you. But, if the house has been modified for something, it should stay since it is technically a fixture. However, if you insist on taking it with you, be upfront and tell the buyer as soon as possible.
  2. We’re not talking about house plants, of course, but the ones outside. There may be an exception if the plant was a special gift, but most will not allow you to dig up plants or trees since they are a part of the property.
  3. Light fixtures. Don’t be tempted to take light fixtures with you, as you will be leaving behind a bunch of wires hanging from the ceiling. The buyer is purchasing what they saw the day they viewed the property; if the seller tries to change something after that day, it is illegal. If there is a light fixture you simply can’t part with, take it out of the home before the potential buyer visits.
  4. Window treatments. Even if they’re custom blinds, they should stay. Curtains are considered personal property because they easily slide off rods. Rods and blinds, however, are attached to the house and are considered a part of it. Same applies to mirrors – if they are hung on the wall, they are personal property; bolted ones should stay.
  5. Items anchored in the ground. If a basketball hoop is cemented into the ground, it is to be sold along with the house; the same goes for swing sets.